Sunday, October 01, 2006

An open letter to

After receiving today's "WEEKEND UPDATE" re. the wonderful governor of Indiana's push to allow firearms in state parks, and hearing yet another idiot screaming about how it'll be the old west, shoot 'em up bang bang, all over again, well, I just really felt a calling to try and help them pull their pointy little heads out of their dumb asses.

To wit:

Dear ASSa9 Guys,

The "dangerous" people (i.e. law-abiding citizens with firearms) in the state parks are not the ones who belong to NRA and GOA; they are the gang-bangers, drunks, and speed-freaks; people who, regardless of how many stupid rules and regulations you post up on a sign, will bring their guns into the park anyway, leaving those of you unarmed fools at a substantial disadvantage, when the shootin' starts, that is. Are you all too incredibly myopic to understand that the only people you'll ever succeed in disarming are the law-abiding citizens---and that a law-abiding, armed "gun guy" will likely be the only one who will come to your aid when that crackhead/terrorist/ex-husband-or-wife/disgruntled postal worker shoots your dumb asses, grabs your daughter and tries to rape her right in front of your pathetically helpless, unarmed face. (Well, actually, if I knew it was you who was getting shot up, I'd probably hand 'em a few more mags to make sure they got the job done. However, I would do my damnedest to save your daughter; it's not her fault she was born to a slave.)

A Free American

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