Thursday, December 20, 2007

Somehow it seemed as though the farm had grown richer without making the animals themselves any richer – except, of course, for the pigs and the dogs.
~ George Orwell, Animal Farm

Another brilliant effort to "reduce gun violence."

Database helps track gun violations
LAPD, state Justice Dept. have ID'd ex-convicts, others who illegally possess weapons
By Jason Kandel, Staff writer
Article Launched: 12/09/2007 07:02:17 PM PST

Aided by a new database that matches criminal histories with gun owners, state and local law enforcement agents have begun rounding up California's most violent gun-toting felons.
The state Department of Justice and the LAPD have identified 110 fugitives, ex-convicts and other offenders who legally purchased guns, then later were convicted of violent crimes. Some 890 others have been identified across the state.

"Having armed, convicted felons is a risk to public safety," said Wilfredo Cid, the chief of the Bureau of Fireams at the California Attorney General's Office. "Those people do not have a right to carry a weapon."

Prior to the passage of the bill, the state did not have legal authority or technological means to cross-reference this information and investigate people who acquired firearms and subsequently became prohibited from owning them.

In July 2003, the department received more than $1 million to build the database, which ultimately cost a total of $4 million. It became operational in late 2006 and was made fully available to local law enforcement in June.........

The system works by maintaining information about people who have been - or will become - prohibited from possessing a firearm. From their stations, law enforcement agencies across the state can access the database, updated monthly.........

"We applaud the Department of Justice's efforts in ensuring that prohibited persons do not have firearms," Malte said. "This is huge. It is the ultimate law enforcement tool to ensure that criminals with guns are disarmed quickly before something bad happens."

(alas, the only common sense part of the whole article, below)

Chuck Michel, an attorney for the California Rifle and Pistol Association, said gun rights groups originally supported the creation of the program because it was designed to get guns out of the hands of violent criminals and felons.

"The CAPP program is good in theory," Michel said. "In practice, however, there are now so many complicated ways to lose your gun rights over paperwork and minor violations that many lawyers don't understand the system and many people don't even realize they're prohibited.
"Regrettably, CAPP is frequently being misused against these minor offenders who have often been misadvised about their legal status."

Classic Bureauspeak: "This is huge. It is the ultimate law enforcement tool to ensure that criminals with guns are disarmed quickly before something bad happens."..........assuming all these armed criminals are armed with weapons purchased by themselves.....which, of course, they surely are. Surely.

Sunday, November 18, 2007

History lesson for the lambs among us

Sheepish de-tyrannization

Tyranny, unrelenting plague it is, will not go away. Period. Guaranteed. It will, of course, like all viruses, plagues, epi- and pandemics, be periodically beaten down, limited or otherwise marginalized. Temporarily, at least. Indeed, Jefferson’s admonition, to water the tree of liberty with the blood of tyrants and (unfortunately) patriots, wasn’t merely a soundbyte. It was one of the clearest and most concise warnings to future generations ever uttered by a politician: Tyranny never dies.

Unfortunately, these hard-won victories of liberation—our American revolution being but one of thousands of other less well known de-tyrannization campaigns waged across the millennia by men and women sick to death of their tyrants—are immediately, ironically, and invariably co-opted by individuals and groups who seek to force their own tyrannical agendas down the throats of the very folks whose blood, sweat and tears put the new tyrants into their positions of power in the first place.

Yes, sadly, we sheep always seem to look not to the shepherds but to the wolves (usually wrapped in the freshly skinned hides of innocent lambs) after the battles of liberation are won. And, of course, these wolves immediately set about organizing, tagging, and, most importantly, disarming their sheep.

Why? For future consumption, of course. After all, no wolf in his right mind wants to raid a flock of sheep and suddenly hear the metallic chorus of bullets clacking into their chambers, stare down the barrel of millions of guns and into the grinning faces of their newly liberated lamb chops.

Monday, November 05, 2007

Ron Paul / Andrew Napolitano...for Emperor and Vice Emperor

Imagine what a future might be like with these two guys leading us out of our infernal police state. A police state, mind you, which we have, alas, placidly watched grow up around us (for the last, what, 231 years?) like a couple of farmers sitting on the porch, playing checkers and sipping lemonade, as the government builds a 100' high concrete-reinforced wall around them---complete with gun turrets, hi-tech surveillance cams, and all the rest of the ludicrously cost-ineffective "security measures" designed to protect us.......from ourselves.

The judge's take on our current state of fear, and, more importantly, how the feds not only feed off it like parasites, but how they actually create and manipulate these (mostly unfounded) fears in a grand effort, evidently, to rule the universe.

It may be hard to imagine all the various Bushisms ("I am the decider!") coming from the black masked head of Darth Vader, but the modus operandi appears to be virtually the same: CRUSH ALL DISSENT!

Check out A Nation of Sheep, by Napolitano......before it (and possibly him) mysteriously disappear.

Sunday, September 30, 2007

a nation of be protected from ourselves

"The president sees America as we think of about a 10-year-old child."

A chillingly telling quote from a Bush adminion during the run up to the 04 election. Can you imagine the grandiose sense of political holiness that goes along with this sort of mindset? Not only by the prez himself, but of the various staffers who, in a nutshell, help craft the policies destroying our civil freedoms daily.

Great interview with David Harsanyi about his new book THE NANNY STATE 911, about the pathetic bunch of lardass bedwetters we've become.

Wednesday, September 26, 2007

The War on Rogue Cyclists!

Just read about some politician's effort to earmark a million bucks to promote cycling as a viable alternative to carbon-based transportation (cars, busses, trains, planes, etc).

Now, IF (intentionally capitalized) I thought it would do any good at all, I MIGHT not object to such a pointless exercise in flushing (yet more) taxpayer dollars down the federal shitter. But, unfortunately, sadly, pathetically, embarrassingly, by and large, Americans are just too freaking lazy to give a damn, much less ride a bike.

And the few who do give a damn? Well, most of 'em are already riding bikes, walking, jogging, using public trans and driving their Priusses (Priuii?) to work.

The rest? They're still hurling their abuse (and their empty McCoffee cups, Big Gulps and beer cans) at us lycra-clad "faggot" cyclists for hogging "their" roads.

But, the REALLY sad part of this whole farce is that Americans really could make a huge dent in the so-called "energy crisis" by utilizing some EXTREMELY low-tech solutions, most of which are pretty much FREE.

However, as in all fantasies, there's an evil witch that just has to screw thing up. In this case it's the feds. You see, once the nanny-state bureaucrats (Democrats AND Republicans alike) get their claws into it, they'll regulate it (to death, if given the chance).

Pretty soon we'll be required to have a federal bicycle licensce; for two "obvious" reasons:

A) how else will they be able to give us our $20 dollar "tax break" unless they have some method of tracking our activity?;

and B) How else will Homeland Security be able to track the terrorists who ride bicycles in an effort to stay under the radar?

Of course, along with the federal bicycle license will be the requisite inspections, software upgrades, GPS tracking chips installed in the bottom bracket, retina-scanning I.D. locking mechanism (again, for DHS' war on terrorism), and the universe-only-knows what other ludicrous forms of regulation they'll cook up once they're up'n'running in the "War on Undocumented Cyclists."

(They won't call it a bicycle license, of course; it'll something catchier: a Two-Wheeled Adventure Pass!!, or some such politcobullshit designed to mask the simple, ugly reality that it just yet another tax)

That said....go ride your bike and pray the feds fail to get their toxic claws into one of the last vestiges of (relatively) unregulated activity in America.


Sunday, July 08, 2007


Well, the Al Gore show had another (astonishingly self-promotional) episode this weekend, in the form of Live Earth!, a collosal waste of precious non-renewable resources in the form of electricity, fossil-fuels, carbohydrates, H2O, etc---not to mention being a pathetic excuse for an even bigger, worldwide (captive) audience. Those lucky Nipponese even got to see a holographic version of America’s favorite runner-up---a new technology Al Gore has just invented.

It’s really hard to fathom the depth of worthlessness that could possess this guy to do ANYTHING, literally ANYTHING, in order to be able to believe that he is perceived as a political unit worth consideration.

The nadir of narcissism. What’s next? I predict he’ll make some claim to the US Constitution, maybe the concept of democracy, maybe Christianity itself. After all, he does appear to have the capacity to lay claim to virtually any concept, invention, movement known to man. Why not Christianity?

It could go like this:

(Al Gore enters, stage right, to standing ovation; camera pans the middle-class audience sprinkled with a demographically-correct amount of color)

"I know this might not be accepted by the ultra-right conservatives, but I’m here to tell y’all that I’m really Jesus. Well, actually I’m the end-times resurrection of Jesus Christ, born in 1940 as Allen Birdbrain Gore in a manger—that’s your garden-variety sheep feeder, for you city folks. We were poor.

"Here’s a picture of my original mother, Mary" (Vienna Boys choir sings Ave Maria in the background) "Her hands are bleeding—see, right here?—from the nails which were driven through my hands. Unfortunately I hadn’t yet invented photography, so all we have is portraits and statues of her. But I was able to control the artists’ creative thought process—a method I carried over to the internet, which Bill Gates stole from me and used to create MicroSoft.

"No, of course there’r no scars on my hands. This body your looking at isn’t the same one I was in back in Palestine—that’s what Iss-ray-ell was called back then, for those of you arm-chair theologians" (cut to chuckling yuppies in the audience). "She was a wonderful mother."

"Anyway the reason I’m coming out now about this, admittedly revolutionary, claim has nothing to do we with Al Gore, per se. No, I wouldn’t stoop to such self-promotion, of course not—shame on me if I was to do something so, so politically motivated. No, the reason for letting y’all in on my little secret is this: My father has instructed me to tell y’all that the end is near."

(collective murmur; camera pans to a picture of Billy Graham’s son nodding his approval; his name and relationship to his father flashes across the screen; then cut to quick clip of nuclear test explosions in the south Pacific; then cut to Japanese animation of a horrible beast eating Caucasian mothers and their babies; audience gasps).

"Now, lotsa y’all knew it was coming, but Daddy—that’d be Yahwew, to y’all, but I don’t suggest you call him that to his face" (audience chuckles) "—Daddy, he wanted me to give the good American people, since we are sorta the chosen people, kind of like the Iss-ray-ell-ites, to give y'all a heads-up. To give y'all the four-one-one." (camera shows a young black man and his oriental female mate, nodding their approval) "Of course he also told me that if America was to straighten up and fly right, that maybe, just maybe, if I—Al Gore—was willing to vouch for y'all and take the reins of this here runaway trainwreck, so to speak, which we’ve inherited from the current administration, that he’d probably be willing to put it all behind him. And maybe, just maybe, change his plans and just toss ol’ Bee-ellza-bub—a.k.a. Satan, the devil—right into that burning lake of fire and lock up those gates of hell for eternity." (show painting of Dante's inferno) "Yup, just skip all that horrible end-times stuff—murdering angles, plagues, Gigantor-like monsters, and all that stuff (flash montage of all the various end-times travesties) and go straight to that ol' lion layin' down with the lamb."

Saturday, June 23, 2007

RON PAUL FOR EMPEROR! (of the universe!)

Hopefully, Ron Paul won't take umbrage at our endorsement. It's not like it matters anyway. I'm sure the Republicrat/Military Industrial Complex dynasty is hard at work on their Plan-B, just in case hell does actually freeze over and Ron Paul begins to get some serious traction with this blatantly unAmerican "constitutional nonsense." Seriously, though, in Ron Paul's America, the Bush administration (and pretty much the entire DC organized crime venture) would have to be locked up, the key thrown away.

So anyway, Ron, I humbly invite you to consider the GDQ as your Plan-B. Because when they do throw you under the bus, or overboard, (or tell you to kneel and put your hands behind your back while a black-hooded Cheney stands behind you with a Halliburton-supplied scimitar poised to lop off your traitorous head)---and you know they will, eventually, if there appears on the far horizon even a glimpse of a chance of a Ron Paul nomination---you'll need a place to run, and probably even hide for awhile. We're in a nice, quaint little desertish sort of town on the outskirts of a certain west coast megalopolis, and they'll never find you here.

We're nice folks. Really. Peace-loving. Non-interventionist in both foreign AND domestic matters. Misesian in theory and practice, i.e. we hate socialism in all its myriad forms. And we couldn't give a hoot what your thoughts are on abortion, since your literal interpretation of the constitution pretty much takes the fed out of that fight anyway. Don't ask/Don't tell. That's our official policy. On pretty much everything.

In short, you're our man, Ron! Hell, I'd almost pledge allegiance to a country Ron Paul could give his blessing to (that is, if I didn't consider it the height of lemmingism, the nadir of liberty, an insult to my very manhood, to be asked to stand and recite such blatant propaganda)


PS: Hang in there, Ron. I may actually vote!

Friday, April 20, 2007

Time for reflection

Americans are devastated, and rightly so, about 32 (and counting) innocent victims of one very pathetic yet extremely sociopathic murderer. Yet we don't even flinch when we hear that 30, or 50, or as yesterday, 120! innocent Iraqis are blown to smithereens, not to mention the other 50-or-so who died the same day...across town. Forget about the other 20,000 Iraqis, thousands upon thousands of whom are just as innocent as your average Virginia Tech sophomore. Such horrific numbers pale in comparison to say, Laker's stats, here in the land of peaceful abundance.

Don't get me wrong. I'm not callous with regards to the VT disaster. It has no doubt ruined more than a few lives, many more than were actually taken. Having known personal disaster first-hand, I feel deeply for the parents, brothers & sisters, lovers, friends and everyone else who lost people to the sick little punk. But are Iraqi lives---the lives of innocent women, children, mothers, fathers, brothers, sisters, vegetable salesmen, letter carriers, policemen, barbers, homeless folks, grandmothers, etc, etc.---any less valuable than American's lives? Do they love any less passionately? Do their families and friends and lovers suffer any less miserably?

I doubt it.