Saturday, June 23, 2007

RON PAUL FOR EMPEROR! (of the universe!)

Hopefully, Ron Paul won't take umbrage at our endorsement. It's not like it matters anyway. I'm sure the Republicrat/Military Industrial Complex dynasty is hard at work on their Plan-B, just in case hell does actually freeze over and Ron Paul begins to get some serious traction with this blatantly unAmerican "constitutional nonsense." Seriously, though, in Ron Paul's America, the Bush administration (and pretty much the entire DC organized crime venture) would have to be locked up, the key thrown away.

So anyway, Ron, I humbly invite you to consider the GDQ as your Plan-B. Because when they do throw you under the bus, or overboard, (or tell you to kneel and put your hands behind your back while a black-hooded Cheney stands behind you with a Halliburton-supplied scimitar poised to lop off your traitorous head)---and you know they will, eventually, if there appears on the far horizon even a glimpse of a chance of a Ron Paul nomination---you'll need a place to run, and probably even hide for awhile. We're in a nice, quaint little desertish sort of town on the outskirts of a certain west coast megalopolis, and they'll never find you here.

We're nice folks. Really. Peace-loving. Non-interventionist in both foreign AND domestic matters. Misesian in theory and practice, i.e. we hate socialism in all its myriad forms. And we couldn't give a hoot what your thoughts are on abortion, since your literal interpretation of the constitution pretty much takes the fed out of that fight anyway. Don't ask/Don't tell. That's our official policy. On pretty much everything.

In short, you're our man, Ron! Hell, I'd almost pledge allegiance to a country Ron Paul could give his blessing to (that is, if I didn't consider it the height of lemmingism, the nadir of liberty, an insult to my very manhood, to be asked to stand and recite such blatant propaganda)


PS: Hang in there, Ron. I may actually vote!