Friday, July 03, 2009 least we're not in Supermax!

I ran across this bit of Leviathan, Big Brother, bureaucratic apologetics by a fellow/fellita going by the unlikely monicker Kickit.

He counters the previous post's anti-govt invective by saying: "Last time I checked, I could still vote in free and fair elections"
(sure, Kickit, a vote for Candidate Dumb or Incumbent Dumber, for national insolvency sooner...or later, for bigger govt now or in a few years, etc)
"can express my opinions both by word of mouth and in print without being arrested, "
(I wouldn't count on that)
"and can publicy demonstrate against a policy I don't like without running the risk of being shot"
(mm-hmm, so long as you stay within the prescribed boundaries, delineated by the yellow Police Line tape, set up to make sure your "demonstration" doesn't actually affect anyone).
"I think that the United States, despite security threats, is still a very free country"
(Newsflash! Even control-freak swine like Hamilton himself---that guy on your nearly-and-soon-to-be-worthless $10 bill---would shudder at what we modern Americans take for granted as "freedom")

Kickit further highlights his complete lack of knowledge, to wit: "If you really want an example of freedoms being taken away, look at Hugo Chavez in Venezuela,"
(or Bush's Patriot Act, which does away with habeus corpus)
"who has ransacked the country's constitution"
(like the Bush admin),
"giving the presidency more powers "
(like the Bush admin)
"and weakening those of the legislature and the courts"
(like the Bush admin),
"as well a giving himself the right to run for president as long as he pleases"
(unlike the Bush admin, thank heaven, though there's no doubt he'd have tried if his army of lawyers thought it was even remotely possible.)

Indeed, Mr/Mizz Kickit, saying the US is still the free-est country around is kind of like a prisoner in a minimum security prison counting his lucky stars he's not in a supermax.