Thursday, September 28, 2006

Coming Out Of The Closet

No, I'm not gay. Sorry.
Nor am I a drug user.

On second thought, maybe I should have called it, Coming Out Of The Gun Closet, because, and I'll be the first to admit, I am a bona fide ballist-o-phile. Or, as those of you who consider yourselves to be sensible, progressive-thinking, enlightened citizens of the modern world might call me, "a certifiable gun-nut." Guilty as charged. Anyway, over the past three years, since catching this fever they call Gun Lust, and while being held tightly in the clutches of this ever-broadening obsession with social liberty and personal freedom, I've come to understand a few things:

1) Little by little my rights with regards to self-defense (defense from the entire spectrum of criminal behavior, from the lowliest of thugs all the way up to that most insidious of thuggery: the incessant chipping away at the 2nd amendment) are falling under the constant onslaught by the various city, county, state & federal bureaucracies which have taken it upon themselves to act as society's nannies (when all that is really required are a couple of part-time maids).

2) And, along with our right to a means of self-defense, our right to privacy in our homes and persons, our right to keep and use as we see fit the fruits of our labors, our right to self-medicate (and the list goes on and on)---all these rights are vanishing at an astonishing rate. Yet we simply watch them disappear.

3) The only difference between the end results of the failed policies of Republicans and Democrats is that it seems as though Democrats are in a slightly bigger hurry to completely destroy the last vestiges freedom---or at least it used to seem that way, before our current Bush began his grand assault on the constitution and the bill of rights, and the world.

4) Americans, on the whole, following the lead of our European cousins, have given up entirely the concept of individual sovereignty and personal freedom; trading those once-dear concepts for the now-holy "greater good." Unfortunately this greater good is neither; and the blind pursuit of this utopian concept has created not only the "entitlment" underclass which now exists throughout the western world, but it has doomed the increasingly overburdened middle-class to picking up the bill for this hopeless, helpless and sadly brainwashed Entitlement underclass.

5) There appears to be no help in sight, as those responsible for "fixing" society's problems simply pile one failed social experiment atop the last in a never-ending succession of grand blunders. And with regards to 2nd Amendment issues: regardless of who gains the upperhand over the next few voting cycles, the "middle of the road" Republicans, ever willing to bargain away ANYTHING in the never-ending Republican VS Democrat celebrity death match, have already given away too much to ever stem the outgoing tide of 2nd Amendment rights.

6) There is no better time than the present to, as they say, take the bull by the horns.

The unlikely conclusion:
Though it certainly sounds, even to me, ludicrously counterintuitive, I believe that our last best hope for freedom, here in this once-great collection of independent states, will be in the power of coalition. A gridlock-coalition of strange bedfellows, as it were. This gridlock-coalition will, at least in the beginning, be made of of gun nuts, drug-users and queers. The three most trampled upon sectors of society.
Granted: queers seem to be on a politically-correct trajectory toward almost complete social acceptance---normalization in drug-speak. But this very well may be a short-lived phenomenon, reversing itself completely once the religious right secures its death grip on Washington. Obviously, the foundations of this unlikely menage a trois, so to speak, will be based less on mutual respect for each other's mutually distateful proclivities, and more on the neolithic political expedient: my enemy's enemy is my friend---that and mutual support.

i.e. You don't mess with my guns, I won't mess with your drugs and crotchless panties. I'll even go so far as to use my barrel-of-a-gun political power to defend you against those social-meddlers who would have you jailed and/or castrated for your actions; and I expect you to do likewise, using any and all your resources in my defense.

Hopefully, as our coalition gains momentum, other marginalized groups will jump on board and we can keep building momentum until we reach that magical point of critical mass, at which point we shall cease to be satisfied with gridlock and begin to roll over those who seek to control every aspect of our lives.



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