Thursday, May 21, 2009

Infuritating Idiots

Ahhhh....Kalifornia. The blue Pacific, swaying palms beneath snow-capped peaks, fish tacos and vegan pizzas....and Sacramento swine.

Yep, the Pigs on the Animal Farm are at it again. After we, the proles, just sent a resounding and unmistakable message to Sacramento---informing them that their $40 billion shell game is no longer an acceptable form of doing the state's business---one of the state machine's mouthpieces had this to say:
Press Enterprise 5/21
Leaders pledge deep cuts
Assembly speaker Karen Bass and Senate Pro Tem Darrell Steinberg, who backed the propositions along with Scwharzenegger, said voters are facing layoffs and other economic challenges and resented being asked to vote on complicated propositions. (italics mine) "They pushed back and said, 'Don't bring this to our doorstep. You solve the problem,'" Steinberg, D-Sacramento, said. "We'll do our best to try to bring all the various pieces together and live to fight another day." (italics mine)

Translation? These stupid Californians couldn't understand our quantum economics if we drew it out on a chalkboard for now we're stuck with making a few meaningless cuts....and borrowing astronomical sums, just to cover our debt service. But, don't worry, Kali's, it'll back to politics-as-usual before long....we're not about to let you steal our hard-earned raises!

The not-so-funny part about it is that these idiots really do believe that "compromise" is the answer. Alas, their idea of compromise is something akin to say, Bernie Madoff's investment strategies....only worse. Bernie didn't actually steal his customer's great-great-grandchildren's earnings.

So, Speaker Bass, please let's be completely clear about what the California voters actually said. We said....
a) We are done spending more than you are able to steal from us in taxes.
b) We are done with the perpetually shifting shell-game that defines Sacramento politics.
c) We are done with teachers unions, cops/prison guards unions, and other publically-funded special interests calling the shots.
d) We are done with providing jobs and pensions for bureaucrats whose main goal in life seems to be protecting their own, and creating yet more, worthless bureaucratic jobs and pensions.
e) We're done with paying for the governor (and god-only-knows how many others) to jet around the world on the public's dime.
f) We're done building $100 million high schools, libraries, and everything else the state believes it has some sort of god-given mandate to build.
g) Lastly, we're done approving stupid, ill-conceived, patently ludicrous schemes to save our state govt.

Indeed, it sounded much less like the voters said "...we don't wanna deal with it," and much more like they said, "...let's just strangle the state govt....anything would be better than what we now have."


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