Monday, November 05, 2007

Ron Paul / Andrew Napolitano...for Emperor and Vice Emperor

Imagine what a future might be like with these two guys leading us out of our infernal police state. A police state, mind you, which we have, alas, placidly watched grow up around us (for the last, what, 231 years?) like a couple of farmers sitting on the porch, playing checkers and sipping lemonade, as the government builds a 100' high concrete-reinforced wall around them---complete with gun turrets, hi-tech surveillance cams, and all the rest of the ludicrously cost-ineffective "security measures" designed to protect us.......from ourselves.

The judge's take on our current state of fear, and, more importantly, how the feds not only feed off it like parasites, but how they actually create and manipulate these (mostly unfounded) fears in a grand effort, evidently, to rule the universe.

It may be hard to imagine all the various Bushisms ("I am the decider!") coming from the black masked head of Darth Vader, but the modus operandi appears to be virtually the same: CRUSH ALL DISSENT!

Check out A Nation of Sheep, by Napolitano......before it (and possibly him) mysteriously disappear.

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