Friday, July 03, 2009 least we're not in Supermax!

I ran across this bit of Leviathan, Big Brother, bureaucratic apologetics by a fellow/fellita going by the unlikely monicker Kickit.

He counters the previous post's anti-govt invective by saying: "Last time I checked, I could still vote in free and fair elections"
(sure, Kickit, a vote for Candidate Dumb or Incumbent Dumber, for national insolvency sooner...or later, for bigger govt now or in a few years, etc)
"can express my opinions both by word of mouth and in print without being arrested, "
(I wouldn't count on that)
"and can publicy demonstrate against a policy I don't like without running the risk of being shot"
(mm-hmm, so long as you stay within the prescribed boundaries, delineated by the yellow Police Line tape, set up to make sure your "demonstration" doesn't actually affect anyone).
"I think that the United States, despite security threats, is still a very free country"
(Newsflash! Even control-freak swine like Hamilton himself---that guy on your nearly-and-soon-to-be-worthless $10 bill---would shudder at what we modern Americans take for granted as "freedom")

Kickit further highlights his complete lack of knowledge, to wit: "If you really want an example of freedoms being taken away, look at Hugo Chavez in Venezuela,"
(or Bush's Patriot Act, which does away with habeus corpus)
"who has ransacked the country's constitution"
(like the Bush admin),
"giving the presidency more powers "
(like the Bush admin)
"and weakening those of the legislature and the courts"
(like the Bush admin),
"as well a giving himself the right to run for president as long as he pleases"
(unlike the Bush admin, thank heaven, though there's no doubt he'd have tried if his army of lawyers thought it was even remotely possible.)

Indeed, Mr/Mizz Kickit, saying the US is still the free-est country around is kind of like a prisoner in a minimum security prison counting his lucky stars he's not in a supermax.

Thursday, May 21, 2009

Infuritating Idiots

Ahhhh....Kalifornia. The blue Pacific, swaying palms beneath snow-capped peaks, fish tacos and vegan pizzas....and Sacramento swine.

Yep, the Pigs on the Animal Farm are at it again. After we, the proles, just sent a resounding and unmistakable message to Sacramento---informing them that their $40 billion shell game is no longer an acceptable form of doing the state's business---one of the state machine's mouthpieces had this to say:
Press Enterprise 5/21
Leaders pledge deep cuts
Assembly speaker Karen Bass and Senate Pro Tem Darrell Steinberg, who backed the propositions along with Scwharzenegger, said voters are facing layoffs and other economic challenges and resented being asked to vote on complicated propositions. (italics mine) "They pushed back and said, 'Don't bring this to our doorstep. You solve the problem,'" Steinberg, D-Sacramento, said. "We'll do our best to try to bring all the various pieces together and live to fight another day." (italics mine)

Translation? These stupid Californians couldn't understand our quantum economics if we drew it out on a chalkboard for now we're stuck with making a few meaningless cuts....and borrowing astronomical sums, just to cover our debt service. But, don't worry, Kali's, it'll back to politics-as-usual before long....we're not about to let you steal our hard-earned raises!

The not-so-funny part about it is that these idiots really do believe that "compromise" is the answer. Alas, their idea of compromise is something akin to say, Bernie Madoff's investment strategies....only worse. Bernie didn't actually steal his customer's great-great-grandchildren's earnings.

So, Speaker Bass, please let's be completely clear about what the California voters actually said. We said....
a) We are done spending more than you are able to steal from us in taxes.
b) We are done with the perpetually shifting shell-game that defines Sacramento politics.
c) We are done with teachers unions, cops/prison guards unions, and other publically-funded special interests calling the shots.
d) We are done with providing jobs and pensions for bureaucrats whose main goal in life seems to be protecting their own, and creating yet more, worthless bureaucratic jobs and pensions.
e) We're done with paying for the governor (and god-only-knows how many others) to jet around the world on the public's dime.
f) We're done building $100 million high schools, libraries, and everything else the state believes it has some sort of god-given mandate to build.
g) Lastly, we're done approving stupid, ill-conceived, patently ludicrous schemes to save our state govt.

Indeed, it sounded much less like the voters said "...we don't wanna deal with it," and much more like they said, "...let's just strangle the state govt....anything would be better than what we now have."


Monday, May 11, 2009

Ronny Scores Again; Palmer Bogeys

It appears that there may be a single lone voice of sanity in congress these days. And he proved it again when he said no to...get this....a (gold) Medal of Honor for none other than ARNOLD PALMER!

Oh, you think, they must be talking about another Arnold Palmer...some hero of our empire's war machine...maybe some atomized Astronaut...for they couldn't POSSIBLY be thinking of using real gold and us poor innocent taxslaves' dollars to pay for some ridiculous little sparkly trinket....for a golfer!

Well, sorry to say, it's true. You hit the nail on the head. Out of the 435 members of the US House of Representatives, Ron Paul was THE ONLY person to say, "Whoa! Whoa there, fellas and fellatios, I can't seem to find this whole gold-medal-trinket manufacturing scheme in our job description." (paraphrased, of course)

But, alas, lest the dear reader think the good doctor Paul just isnt' a golf fan, here's Ron's actual the exact same issue, but with one minor difference: the House was trying to do the same thing for one of Ron's heroes, Ronny StarWars Reagan:

"I must, however, oppose the Gold Medal for Ronald and Nancy Reagan because appropriating $30,000 of taxpayer money is neither constitutional nor, in the spirit of Ronald Reagan's notion of the proper, limited role for the federal government."

"Because of my continuing and uncompromising opposition to appropriations not authorized within the enumerated powers of the Constitution, I would maintain my resolve and commitment to the Constitution--a Constitution, which only last year, each Member of Congress, swore to uphold. In each of these instances, I offered to do a little more than uphold my constitutional oath." (that is SO studly...GO Ron)

The he doubles down. (I can just see him twiddling the tiny china cup, ala Doc Holiday)

"In fact," continues Ron, "as a means of demonstrating my personal regard and enthusiasm for Ronald Reagan's advocacy for limited government, I invited each of these colleagues to match my private, personal contribution of $100 which, if accepted by the 435 Members of the House of Representatives, would more than satisfy the $30,000 cost necessary to mint and award a gold medal to Ronald and Nancy Reagan. To me, it seemed a particularly good opportunity to demonstrate one's genuine convictions by spending one's own money rather that of the taxpayers who remain free to contribute, at their own discretion, to commemorate the work of the Reagans (Too-fucking-SHAY! Ron!) For the record, not a single Representative who solicited my support for spending taxpayer's money, was willing to contribute their own money to demonstrate their generosity and allegiance to the Reagan's stated convictions."

And, regarding Sir Whack-a-ball, Ron's spokesthing makes clear, “It is certainly nothing personal against Mr. Palmer. In fact, Congressman Paul admires him greatly. Dr. Paul opposes using public monies for any and all of these gold medals given to private citizens (too bad he can't go a bit further and ban the pathetic hero-worship step at a time, I guess) , just on principle. Not to mention, it is unconstitutional to use taxpayer dollars in this way. He even suggested on the House Floor before he voted against Rosa Parks’s medal that if it meant so much to the Members of Congress, why not fund the award out of their own pockets? He pulled $100 out of his own wallet, but had no other takers. At a time like this when all budgets are stretched so thin, it seems especially inappropriate to lavish gifts like this on private citizens, as much as he may admire the individual.”

No matter, (yawn) the mini-abomination passed nearly-unanimously, anyway.... 431-to-1

By the way....the bill authorized spending $30,000 to make the medal and duplicates, which could be sold to cover the cost of making Palmer’s medal in the first place. (nice touch the coin dealers have to compete with the feds in the marketplace, too)

....and all this at a critically dangerous point in our history....when the politicoscum should be on a spending lockdown

Molon labe!

Tuesday, April 14, 2009

A plug for drugs

It's a sad day indeed, when our backs are against the wall to the point that we (theoretically-free Americans) are forced beg the mercy of FedGov and submit to the fleecing of the medical industry. And what is this right we're down on our knees begging for?....the right to protect our family by any means necessary?...the right to move about freely in our own country?....the right to competent, ethical, logical representation in congress?Nein. None of the above. The issue which has brought millions of otherwise law-abiding Americans to their begging knees is the simple, seemingly no-brainer right to enjoy the exact same pleasure that the rest of our compatriots enjoy...every time they crack open their favorite microbrew or any other federally-sanctioned intoxicant. I've yet to hear a single logical argument---which might be able to persuade, say, your garden-variety junior higher—at least one with a minimum of critical-thinking skills—on just exactly how it is that, while liquor is completely legal in all 50 states, sparking up a joint can, in the wrong scenario, land you in state or fed prison....for years.

This sad situation is the result of an unholy alliance between the Religious Right (RR), the "health care" industry (Pushers) and, of course, the law enforcement industry (Prison Industrial Complex, heretofore referenced as PrICs...or Pricks-In-Charge???), all of whom have banded together and bribed our federal keepers to keep the well-documented benefits of cannabis sativa out of reach of us proles.

The Religious Right: well, it's hard to fault these folks, not becuase they're not dead wrong, but because they've been bottle fed on a dogmatic dreck which places pot-smokers on level with witches, demons and child-molesters. It's like trying to judge an Iraqi youth for hating Americans....a meaningless waste of time, not to mention ridiculous.

Pushers: again, it’s hard to fault the Health Care Industrial Complex, because, well, dammit!, they’ve got pills to sell to us. And who do we think we are, anyway?...self-prescribing dangerous chemicals to ourselves. I mean, do we really want a few million stumbling, drooling, knuckledragging Cretins, stoned out of their gourds, showing up at emergency rooms at all hours overdosed on cannabis?...cannabis of dubious origin!...cannabis on which NO TAX was even paid....cannabis which (brace yourself) these aforementioned drooling Cretins may even be using for reasons no more important than, say.....well....the same reasons your average housewife might just sit back and crack a Corona in the afternoon: relaxation!

Prison Industrial Complex: OK, these pricks are faultable. These guys and gals are, in large part (though not every one), little more than a macho labor union of ridiculously-overpaid and otherwise unemployable thugs! Thugs who, if they didn’t have their co-thugs to push around (and bet on in gladiator matches), well, they’d more than likely be beating up you and I.

Funny pour 220 pounds of automaton into a uniform, plug their blockhead into Kevlar helmet, add steroids, and then, whaddya know!, they get aggressive!? Who’da thunk?

I can't even imagine the joy their bosses must feel, not having to fight their own battles with all the various state and fed legislatures...all they have to do is sick the dogs, so to speak, on 'em. I can just hear it now... "'Cut back on prison building?' You can't be serious, Mr. Legislator! Don't even think about it! Of course, we (the PIC owners) agree with you, but the prison guard unions will cut you to pieces and leave you in bloody mess on the floor outside the state rotunda....out of a job."

Of course, for the same seemingly-Darwinian reasons of self-preservation, these uniformed, tax-funded thugs do have a compelling interest in keeping marijuana on the list of banned substances: Employment. Face it, what would we do with all these pissed off bullycrats. We’d probably be forced to start yet another war somewhere just so that we’ve got some place to ship them off to. Of course, the only place I can think of to send them, where they wouldn’t immediately overpower the locals and take over is Samoa.

Seriously, nobody enjoys a fight like them Samoans.

Thursday, December 20, 2007

Somehow it seemed as though the farm had grown richer without making the animals themselves any richer – except, of course, for the pigs and the dogs.
~ George Orwell, Animal Farm

Another brilliant effort to "reduce gun violence."

Database helps track gun violations
LAPD, state Justice Dept. have ID'd ex-convicts, others who illegally possess weapons
By Jason Kandel, Staff writer
Article Launched: 12/09/2007 07:02:17 PM PST

Aided by a new database that matches criminal histories with gun owners, state and local law enforcement agents have begun rounding up California's most violent gun-toting felons.
The state Department of Justice and the LAPD have identified 110 fugitives, ex-convicts and other offenders who legally purchased guns, then later were convicted of violent crimes. Some 890 others have been identified across the state.

"Having armed, convicted felons is a risk to public safety," said Wilfredo Cid, the chief of the Bureau of Fireams at the California Attorney General's Office. "Those people do not have a right to carry a weapon."

Prior to the passage of the bill, the state did not have legal authority or technological means to cross-reference this information and investigate people who acquired firearms and subsequently became prohibited from owning them.

In July 2003, the department received more than $1 million to build the database, which ultimately cost a total of $4 million. It became operational in late 2006 and was made fully available to local law enforcement in June.........

The system works by maintaining information about people who have been - or will become - prohibited from possessing a firearm. From their stations, law enforcement agencies across the state can access the database, updated monthly.........

"We applaud the Department of Justice's efforts in ensuring that prohibited persons do not have firearms," Malte said. "This is huge. It is the ultimate law enforcement tool to ensure that criminals with guns are disarmed quickly before something bad happens."

(alas, the only common sense part of the whole article, below)

Chuck Michel, an attorney for the California Rifle and Pistol Association, said gun rights groups originally supported the creation of the program because it was designed to get guns out of the hands of violent criminals and felons.

"The CAPP program is good in theory," Michel said. "In practice, however, there are now so many complicated ways to lose your gun rights over paperwork and minor violations that many lawyers don't understand the system and many people don't even realize they're prohibited.
"Regrettably, CAPP is frequently being misused against these minor offenders who have often been misadvised about their legal status."

Classic Bureauspeak: "This is huge. It is the ultimate law enforcement tool to ensure that criminals with guns are disarmed quickly before something bad happens."..........assuming all these armed criminals are armed with weapons purchased by themselves.....which, of course, they surely are. Surely.

Sunday, November 18, 2007

History lesson for the lambs among us

Sheepish de-tyrannization

Tyranny, unrelenting plague it is, will not go away. Period. Guaranteed. It will, of course, like all viruses, plagues, epi- and pandemics, be periodically beaten down, limited or otherwise marginalized. Temporarily, at least. Indeed, Jefferson’s admonition, to water the tree of liberty with the blood of tyrants and (unfortunately) patriots, wasn’t merely a soundbyte. It was one of the clearest and most concise warnings to future generations ever uttered by a politician: Tyranny never dies.

Unfortunately, these hard-won victories of liberation—our American revolution being but one of thousands of other less well known de-tyrannization campaigns waged across the millennia by men and women sick to death of their tyrants—are immediately, ironically, and invariably co-opted by individuals and groups who seek to force their own tyrannical agendas down the throats of the very folks whose blood, sweat and tears put the new tyrants into their positions of power in the first place.

Yes, sadly, we sheep always seem to look not to the shepherds but to the wolves (usually wrapped in the freshly skinned hides of innocent lambs) after the battles of liberation are won. And, of course, these wolves immediately set about organizing, tagging, and, most importantly, disarming their sheep.

Why? For future consumption, of course. After all, no wolf in his right mind wants to raid a flock of sheep and suddenly hear the metallic chorus of bullets clacking into their chambers, stare down the barrel of millions of guns and into the grinning faces of their newly liberated lamb chops.

Monday, November 05, 2007

Ron Paul / Andrew Napolitano...for Emperor and Vice Emperor

Imagine what a future might be like with these two guys leading us out of our infernal police state. A police state, mind you, which we have, alas, placidly watched grow up around us (for the last, what, 231 years?) like a couple of farmers sitting on the porch, playing checkers and sipping lemonade, as the government builds a 100' high concrete-reinforced wall around them---complete with gun turrets, hi-tech surveillance cams, and all the rest of the ludicrously cost-ineffective "security measures" designed to protect us.......from ourselves.

The judge's take on our current state of fear, and, more importantly, how the feds not only feed off it like parasites, but how they actually create and manipulate these (mostly unfounded) fears in a grand effort, evidently, to rule the universe.

It may be hard to imagine all the various Bushisms ("I am the decider!") coming from the black masked head of Darth Vader, but the modus operandi appears to be virtually the same: CRUSH ALL DISSENT!

Check out A Nation of Sheep, by Napolitano......before it (and possibly him) mysteriously disappear.